Slow Computer Windows Update

Is your slow PC driving you crazy?

One of the most common reasons for snail-like performance is that the latest Microsoft Updates haven’t been installed.

Here’s a simple check that you can perform yourself (no technician required):


  • For Windows 10, Go to Windows settings (the cog icon).


  • Next, select ‘Update and Security’.


  • Within the Windows update page, you may find a list of Updates available. If so click “Install now”. (This can take some time if it hasn’t been updated for a while.)


  • Once completed, you will probably need to restart your machine (which can also take some time if it’s a major update).


TOP TIP 1. If there isn’t a list of updates and the system states that “You’re up to date”, it is still worth clicking the button to “Check for updates”. This might highlight some additional updates that you can then install.


TOP TIP 2: It’s good practice to restart your PC regularly. This will often complete the installation of minor updates automatically.

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