Our Onboarding Process

We know that change can be stressful, especially in a small, owner-managed business.

That’s why we pride ourselves on making the transition from in-house to outsourced IT support as painless as possible for our customers.

Let us guide you through each of the six steps.

1. Remote Discovery
We connect to your network and start learning about your IT.
2. On Site Discovery
We visit you to check and label your IT equipment.
3 Spring Clean
We ‘sweep, sort and standardise’ to optimise your IT.
4 Review Meeting
We’ll meet to discuss our findings and prioritise any areas for improvement.
5 Set Up
All user permissions are set and a support start date is confirmed.
6 Go Live
Leave the IT to us. You and your team can now focus on what you do best.
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Remote Discovery

We learn about you and your IT system. All you need to do is click our link to allow us remote access to a PC at your office. During this phase, we run scans to get a picture of your network.

We’ll chat with you about our initial findings and, if needed, get some help filling in any information gaps. You tell us who’s who and supply us with any log in details required.

On Site Discovery

We visit you to physically check your system and devices. We’ll review your network, install our monitoring software, and label things up. 


You just need to tell your staff who we are and why we need to access each computer. (It only takes about 10 minutes per machine)


Spring Clean

We’ll optimise your current set up by giving your system a virtual spring clean (outside of your working hours so it doesn’t cause you any disruption).

In the background, we’ll also be busy organising all the data we’ve collected in our secure data storage vault.

Review Meeting

We have a chat to discuss our findings (including any hardware and software limitations) and how these might impact your immediate business goals.


This will help us highlight and prioritise areas for improvement. Any recommendations will be supported with a clear business case to make your decisions as simple as possible.


Set Up

Now we work to implement any changes agreed and make sure everything is in place to begin supporting you. 

At this point we also can talk about user permissions and access requirements and agree optimal recovery time objectives. We confirm the go live date, this is the point when support begins. We ask you to share the new IT support processes with your staff.

Go Live

Everyone is set and on the agreed date our 24/7/365 On-Demand Support starts.


Our Support shortcut will be on everyone’s desktops. Any member of staff who needs help can click the icon, scan the WhatsApp QR code, email us or phone through to ask for help.

You're onboard!
but that's just the start...

We’ll be constantly monitoring and maintaining your IT to make sure that everything is secure and working as it should. We’ll switch our focus to continuous improvement, introducing regular reporting and health checks to pre-empt problems and ensure that your IT stays in step with your growing business.