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World Backup Day, will you be an April Fool? (Part 2)

World Backup Day is celebrated globally on 31st March. The date is chosen to emphasise the importance of backing up all your important data before April Fool’s Day.

In Part One of this blog post celebrating World Backup Day, we explored various solutions for protecting your valuable business data.

We considered Microsoft 365 users and the significant volume of data they store on the platform. We shared a common misconception, that data stored in MS365 (OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online etc.) doesn’t need to be backed up. While the Microsoft system is extremely resilient, and the risk of total data loss is small, we highlighted that their Service Agreement puts the responsibility for data protection firmly back on the user.

Fortunately, a good variety of backup solutions are available which seamlessly integrate with MS365 and backup your data to secure platforms outside of the Microsoft storage platforms. (See Part One for more details)
Broadly, these products are either billed ‘per seat’ (i.e. per licenced MS365 user) or by the total volume of backed-up data. Both approaches have their advantages, although for many businesses the predictable costs of ‘per seat’ pricing are the most manageable.

Microsoft 365 Backup

As we ‘teased’ in Part One, Microsoft has just launched their own MS365 backup product. Microsoft 365 Backup is now available for public preview and is described as, “Your in-place backup solution with lightning-fast restorability from Microsoft to ensure business continuity”.
Microsoft have based their charging on a ‘total volume’ model. By using their Pricing Calculator tool and sample data, we have determined that for a team of six, the total volume of data is likely to be around 320GB, increasing to around 360GB over the following twelve months.
Based on the published Microsoft 365 Backup price of USD $ 0.15 / GB / month (which equates to around GBP £ 0.12 / GB / month), this would mean monthly costs at a starting level of £ 38.40 in Month 1 and rising to £ 43.20 in Month 12.
As a comparison, at Trusted Computing, we deploy Axcient x360 Cloud which uses a ‘per-seat’ model, costing £ 2.75 per user per month. For the same scenario, this would mean a fixed monthly cost of £16.50 for that six-strong team.
In conclusion, while the new Microsoft 365 Backup product does fill an important need it is not necessarily the best option for a small business. There are other established and potentially more cost-effective options. So, we would advise you to consider your specific requirements to establish the best value solution for your business.

If you have any questions or would like some help in choosing the right Backup product for your business, please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion.

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