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5 signs your IT is holding you back…

Are you and your team becoming increasingly frustrated with recurring IT issues?

Are problems with hardware or software costing you more and more time and money?

Many small business owners come to us when they realise that they simply can’t grow any further without first improving their IT systems and the way they manage them.

Here are five tell-tale signs that your IT is starting to hold your business back!

1. You’re spending an increasing amount of valuable time trying to fix computer problems.

Managed IT Service for small businesses

Let’s face it, IT isn’t your area of expertise.

You can waste significant time attempting to fix even the smallest of computer problems – especially if you are trying to solve by trial and error. You may find that you’re able to overcome minor issues by yourself, but this often fails to deal with the root cause.

This means that it is likely to reoccur in the future, or become an even bigger problem further down the line.

Ultimately, trying to solve IT problems is dead time. What’s your time really worth to you and your business?


2. Staff are regularly unable to work due to IT problems.

Managed IT Service for Small Business

Have you considered how much productive time is lost in your business due to failing or faulty IT?

Do you find your staff regularly asking for IT support? How many niggles are they simply coping with on a day-to-day basis?

Your IT is costing your business money!

What’s the true cost of downtime for your business?


3. Computers are frustratingly slow, take a long time to start up and regularly freeze.

Managed IT Service for small businesses

Time is money; slowing computers are a drain on productivity and efficiency – not to mention staff morale!

How much more productive would your team be with a faster computer system?

How many hours a week could you save, and how much more profitable would your business be as a result?


4. Your IT system makes it impossible for employees to work from home.

Managed IT Services

The benefits of working from home (WFH) have been clear to see in the past year.

But is your IT system able to deliver this effectively, or are you missing out on (or even losing) the services of key staff?

An agile and flexible IT system is required in order to maximise opportunities such as WFH and the benefits to your staff and customers.


5. You’re paying multiple subscriptions for overlapping software services.

Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, Acrobat, Calendly, Zoom, Google, the list goes on and on…

Before you know it, you’re using premium versions of several pieces of software – some of which do the same job!

Are they all necessary, or are you paying out more than you need?

Unnecessary spend is coming straight out of your business profit.

Imagine being Free to focus on what you do best...

If you are a small business and can identify with any of the above, don’t leave it too late.

Get in touch with a trusted IT expert that has your best interests at heart, helping your business grow by making your IT work for you. 

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