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5-point checklist to help your new employee hit the ground running

As any growing business knows, growth and taking on fresh staff members go hand in hand. Once you’ve found a suitable candidate, it is essential to provide them with a positive, friendly introduction to the business and your methodology. A well-thought-out onboarding scheme plays a key role in helping new team members feel comfortable and become productive quickly. This helps employee retention and company perception in the market.

1. Before their start date

        a) Background Check
         •   Conduct necessary checks such as right to work, criminal history, and qualifications.
        b) Communication
         •   Confirm their offer acceptance and include the employment contract.
         •   Send a welcome email with essential information.
         •   Share company documentation/employee handbook.
         •   Provide a point of contact for queries.

        c) Documentation
        •    Send an Employee Starter Form that covers the stuff you need to know as a     responsible employer.
        •    Prepare and submit relevant employment forms to HMRC.

        d) Office Equipment
        •     Order/arrange for any equipment needed to enable the new hire to do their job.                 This should include
                                                    o Office furniture.
                                                    o Computer.
                                                    o Phone (desk and/or mobile).
                                                    o Headset.
                                                    o Other role-specific tools.

        e) Computer Set up
        •     Consult with your IT company to ensure that their computer is set up with
                                                    o Email.
                                                    o Email Signature.
                                                    o Access to any shared mailboxes.
                                                    o Access to the relevant company file.
                                                    o Any software programs necessary for them to accomplish their tasks.
 (It’s not a great way for a new starter to spend their first day or two liaising with IT  support because these aren’t in place!)

        f) Prepare a welcome package with a letter from the CEO.

PC Set up, New Starter, New User,

2. On their first day

   •   Make them welcome!
   •   Conduct a business tour and introduce them to colleagues.
   •   Review the employee handbook.
   •   Set up team introductions and encourage social activities.
   •   Hold one-on-one meetings with their line manager to explain the training program.
   •   Make sure they have all necessary logins/passwords for computers and systems.

3. Role-specific training 

Induction should include role-specific training, including observing experienced colleagues and general company practices such as cyber security and social media policies.

It’s worth bearing in mind that cyber criminals use social media to prey on inexperienced staff members. Be sure to have policies in place to protect them and your business.

  •  Clarify schedule and responsibilities.
  •  Provide KPIs to give both parties a clear benchmark at the start.

4. Ongoing Check-ins

Check-ins – both formal reviews and informal ‘water-cooler’ catch-ups – can be very beneficial; as a newbie, there’s a lot of information to absorb.
    •   Regularly check in to address concerns.
    •   Conduct 30-day and 90-day performance reviews.

5. Continuous Support and Feedback

    •   Ensure a welcoming environment.
    •   Maintain regular communication.
    •   Implement a buddy system for ongoing support.
    •   Organise social activities for team bonding.
    •   Collect feedback for continuous improvement.
    •   Establish a three-month development plan.

This checklist provides a comprehensive guide for a smooth onboarding process, covering communication, documentation, background checks, the first day, ongoing support, feedback, and employer branding

Trusted Computing is committed to helping our clients’ businesses thrive. This includes assisting them with the onboarding of new people. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss the onboarding challenges that you are facing.

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