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Would you agree or disagree with the following assertions?

  • My company data has no use or value to criminals
  • My business doesn’t need a ‘Disaster Recovery Plan’*
  • My business doesn’t need to keep an ‘off-site’ backup of important company records
  • My company isn’t at risk from fire, flood, burglary or cyber attack
  • My business would carry on without problems if we lost access to our company records
  • The financial impact of company downtime is negligible

Of course, you doubtless disagree with all these statements – unlike a sizeable proportion of UK business leaders …

Recent UK industry surveys have revealed:

  • 50% of CEOs that ‘are leaving data at risk’
  • 42% of medium-sized businesses admitted to keeping no offsite backups
  • 30% of large companies with over 250 employees also admitted to keeping no offsite backups

Despite the blindingly obvious fact that, for any business that stores data electronically and uses IT as part of their daily operations, data loss is directly equivalent to a business loss, too many companies are basically assuming that ‘it won’t happen to us’, without stopping to consider what the true (financial) cost of an outage might be.

We’ve created a simple calculator on our website that helps to put a tangible value on this risk, based on your specific staff and business costs and ‘risk appetite’ Why not try a few ‘what-if’ scenarios?


*The GDPR regulations that came into force in 2018 actually stipulates that organisations covered by the legislation must have a disaster recovery plan …