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Our Services

We supply excellent, practical and cost-effective IT advice and services to businesses, voluntary and educational organisations - especially where internet user protection is a paramount concern.

IT Safeguarding

Cyber Essentials
    Evaluation, preparation, certification liaision and monitoring

    Our solution for protected access to Social  Media  (

Business Continuity
    Make sure that your organisation can keep running effectively when (rather than 'if') crisis or disaster strikes

Advice & Consultancy

IT System Review - does your system meet user needs?

Software and Systems Analysis - are you using effective products?

Strategic Planning - align your IT system capacity and features with your organsational goals

IT Security - are you prepared for when a crisis strikes?

About Trusted Computing Ltd

We believe that IT should be regarded as a tool that generates revenue, rather than just another operating overhead.

KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) summarises our approach.

Unusually, we can complement all your existing IT support services, both in-house and external; our role as impartial advisor allows us to 'bang heads' (when necessary) to ensure that your IT system supports YOUR organisational goals rather than someone else's targets.
(We also offer fully Managed  IT Services including Business Disaster Recovery and no long-term contracts)